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some adj
1 quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns to indicate an unspecified number or quantity; "have some milk"; "some roses were still blooming"; "having some friends over"; "some apples"; "some paper" [syn: some(a)] [ant: no(a), all(a)]
2 unknown or unspecified; "some lunatic drove into my car"; "some man telephoned while you were out"; "some day my prince will come"; "some enchanted evening" [syn: some(a)]
3 relatively many but unspecified in number; "they were here for some weeks"; "we did not meet again for some years" [syn: some(a)]
4 remarkable; "that was some party"; "she is some skier"
5 relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent; "we talked for some time"; "he was still some distance away" [syn: some(a)] adv : (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct; "lasted approximately an hour"; "in just about a minute"; "he's about 30 years old"; "I've had about all I can stand"; "we meet about once a month"; "some forty people came"; "weighs around a hundred pounds"; "roughly $3,000"; "holds 3 gallons, more or less"; "20 or so people were at the party" [syn: approximately, about, close to, just about, roughly, more or less, around, or so]

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  • /sʌm/, /sVm/
  • a AusE /sam/, /sam/
  • Homophones: sum




  1. An unspecified quantity or number of.
    Would you like some grapes?
  2. A considerable quantity or number of.
    He had edited the paper for some years.
  3. An unspecified or unknown.
    I've just met some man who said he knew you.
  4. a remarkable.
    He is some acrobat!
  5. An indefinite quantity of.
    Everyone is wrong some of the time.
  6. At least one.
    Well, at least some came.



unspecified or unknown

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